The Rationales – The Going And The Gone

It seems like months ago that I reviewed The Rationales debut The Going And The Gone. Probably because it was, in fact, months ago. While I missed the deadline for the August issue of Performer Northeast, the editor saw fit to publish it in the September Issue.  Check it out at that link. I’m also adding it to the Freelance page at the top of the blog where you can see the review in its entirety — along with the other reviews I’ve written.

I got The Rationales album months ago out of dumb luck: the cover looked cool and the album was short, so, I thought, why not. It’s a little more pop than I usually go for, but the album used its hooks to hook me.

See what I did there? So clever, so clever. 

I still throw it on occasionally when I’m taking a quick ride around town. The song writing is pretty solid, as you’ll see in the review, and overall the album just struck a chord with me. The band is Boston-based, so if you’re nearby and you see them playing, let me know; I’ll meet up with you and buy the first round.


One Response to The Rationales – The Going And The Gone

  1. dylan says:

    ha, i know those guys – they play in JP this thursday at the alchemist – and on friday they’re doing the tom petty tribute show at the middle east. nice review btw.,

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